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Download Description Babylon AD Extended 2008 1080p BluRay QEBS5 AAC51 FASM Download.Q: How to get cursor position in inView after rotating in iOS? I have an app with an UIScrollView. It looks like this: scrollView.bounces = true scrollView.contentInset = UIEdgeInsetsMake(20, 20, 20, 20) scrollView.pagingEnabled = true scrollView.isScrollEnabled = true scrollView.scrollsToTop = false scrollView.alwaysBounceVertical = false scrollView.backgroundColor =.clear scrollView.delegate = self I want to set the following lines of code in viewDidAppear: let point = scrollView.convert(scrollView.contentOffset, to: view) let rect = CGRect(origin: point, size: size) let inView = scrollView.convert(rect, to: view) print(inView) //returns proper size The problem is, inView is returning the right size. However, when the app rotates, the scrollView is rotated and the contentOffset is wrong, as a result the return value of point is wrong. I think I am very close to getting this to work. Any idea what I need to do? A: This will work: scrollView.contentOffset = scrollView.convert(scrollView.contentOffset, from: view) UPDATE: To get inView you can use scrollView.contentInset let contentInset = scrollView.contentInset let inView = contentInset.top >= scrollView.contentInset.top Note: Make sure to check if inView before using it. New Delhi: In a stark reminder of the economic challenges ahead for the country, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has warned that overindebtedness and unhealthy household debt is a growing risk




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HACK Babylon AD Extended 2008 1080p BluRay QEBS5 AAC51 FASM 2022

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